Cupcake Wars!

Thank you to all the residents who attended cupcake wars FNC hosted by Wilgu and Dobson hall last weekend!  It was a ton of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed decorating, competing with, and eating their delicious cupcakes!  Everyone’s cupcakes had so much individuality and personality!  We had an amazing turnout!  Here are some pictures … More Cupcake Wars!

LAE Faculty Forum: Concussion Injury in Football.

Hey friends! Thank you to the few residents who attended the LAE faculty forum with me on concussion injuries in football presented by Dr. Matthew Rogatzki and Dr. Richard Dhyanchand.  It was a great oppertunity to learn about the studies that Dr. Rogatzki has been working on at UW-Platteville since 2015!  He has had junior … More LAE Faculty Forum: Concussion Injury in Football.

Diversity Beads Event

Thank you to the residents that attended the Diversity Beads event held by Jen and I over the weekend!  We had a ton of fun and made beautiful bracelets to help show how we are diverse.  Each color bead represented an answer to a would-you-rather type question.  Whichever answer you gave would correspond with the … More Diversity Beads Event