United We Stand Speaker: Monti Washington

Hey friends!  Thanks to the residents who came to watch Monti Washington speak on his experience “From the Streets to the Stage”.  He was probably one of my favorite speakers ever and he was extremely inspirational.  He spoke about how he overcame the odds being a child of a drug addict to living in multiple foster homes throughout his life.  He also explained that you do not have to be what your past has set you up to be.  He gave us some tips on our futures and how “You don’t want a job because J.O.B is just over broke” but you want a career that will help you live a comfortable life.  To be confident in yourself and to do this you must “F.L.Y=First Love Yourself”.  You can’t always compare your life to other people because you want to be  your true self.  “Be tru, Be you”.  He also put this into words by saying, “Don’t compare your real life to somebody else’s Instagram reel”.  You can also accomplish this by doing as he says and “Tell yourself everyday that you are the sh*t!”.  By following his own path and rules he set for himself he made it “From the streets of his fears, to the stage of his dreams”.  You can watch him on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q87f_Wnwthc and check out Monti on his social media pages here:  Instagram: @Montivation    Twitter: @TRU_Motivation

Snapchat: @Montivation   Facebook: @Montivation



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