About Your RA!

Hello Wilgus 4 West residents!

My name is Devyn Scheid and I am extremely excited to meet you all!  I am from West Bend, WI.  I am the oldest in my family and have two younger brothers (Cyrus-14 and Evander-9).  I am a Sophomore here at UW-Platteville and my major is Forensic Investigation.  I am also extremely involved in choir and sing in the University Singers choir on campus.  I absolutely love singing, doing my own and other peoples makeup, art, drawing, painting, crafts, baking, cooking, and almost anything that has to do with being creative.  I love dogs and owls to an extreme extent.  My favorite foods are watermelon, bananas, pickles, and black olives but definitely not all at once.  I love to collect coffee mugs, especially owl mugs.  I have some amazing friends here and can’t wait to make more.  I have a pretty positive attitude and am open to talking with anyone.  I am so excited to meet you all and get to know each and everyone of you!  I hope that we will be able to create a close-knit and welcoming community for everyone on our wing.  See you soon!!!



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